Alggamage medicinal pickles mix


849 円(税込)

内容量:92 g

Refreshing from the stomach with vinegar and spices! ! Alggamage medicinal pickles mix With the power of spices, it's perfect for preventing summer fatigue! Contents: 92g Ingredients: Soft brown sugar, cinnamon, chilli whole, black pepper, coriander, goji berries, cardamom, fennel, seasonings (amino acids, etc.) How to make medicinal pickles to refresh your stomach with vinegar and spices

Contents of the set

materials to prepare
・Arugamage medicinal pickles ingredients...1 bag ・Vinegar...180cc (1 cup) ・Cucumber...1 ・Onion...1/2 ・Carrot...1/2 ・Daikon...1/5 ・Other vegetables of your choice (celery, turnip, paprika, etc.)...400-450g in total

how to make

1. Cut the vegetables into sticks about 1 cm square and 5 cm long and put them in a container.

2. Put all the vinegar, pickle base and spices in a pot and boil.

3. Make sure the sugar has completely dissolved.

Let cool and store in the refrigerator

4. The next day, mix the whole and evenly distribute the parts that are soaked and those that are not.


POINT After about two days, boil the liquid from which the vegetables were taken out again and pickle about 300g of new vegetables.
The remaining liquid can be re-dipped about 3 times. Alternatively, it is also recommended to add olive oil and use it for dressing.