beef samosa

853 円(税込)

Crispy fried pie filled with minced beef curry.
Comes with garlic tomato sauce.
Please enjoy it by deep-frying it in 180° oil.

Ingredients Beef, onion, rice flour, flour, bread crumbs, spices, ginger, ginger, salt
How to eat Transfer to the refrigerator the day before serving, defrost at 180 degrees, and fry for 2-3 minutes until golden brown.
Contents 1 piece 40g x 10
Expiration date: 1 month from the date of arrival at -18°C or below
Preservation method Store in a freezer and consume on the same day after thawing. (No preservatives or additives are used)

As shown in the photo, it will be carefully packed in a styrofoam box and delivered.
Please use it as a gift.