300g coconut oil

2,592 円(税込)
Benefits of coconut oil
<Effects of coconut oil> 100% natural organic virgin coconut oil from Sri Lanka, a treasure trove of nature. 100% pure oil with no chemical additives, so children can use it with confidence. Coconut oil, which is currently a hot topic, contains a large amount of medium-chain fatty acids, so it has excellent penetration into the skin! Even though it is an oil, it is not sticky and comfortably penetrates the skin. In addition, coconut oil is digested and absorbed four times faster and metabolized about ten times faster than long-chain fatty acids, which are abundant in general vegetable oils, and can be quickly converted into energy without being stored. In other words, it's hard to become unpleasant neutral fat! <Ingredients of coconut oil>
Oils (fat) can be broadly divided into saturated fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids when classified according to how they are connected. Saturated fatty acids have a very stable connection and are resistant to oxidation (hard to rot). On the other hand, unsaturated fatty acids have unstable connections and are vulnerable to oxidation. It is known that when oils that are easily oxidized are ingested, active oxygen (free radicals) in the body damages cell membranes and genes, and causes various diseases such as aging and cancer. Coconut oil is more than 90% saturated fat, which is unusual for a vegetable oil. This is proof that virgin coconut oil has a long shelf life and is resistant to oxidation. Virgin coconut oil can be stored unopened for about 2 years! By the way, saturated fatty acids tend to solidify at low temperatures, which is why virgin coconut oil solidifies. It solidifies white at temperatures below 26°C. <How to use> It can be used in the same way as general cooking oil, such as frying and stir-frying. Deep-fried food is crisp and light, and it won't accumulate in your stomach. It is also non-greasy and can be used as a dressing with a natural coconut scent and taste. Not only for food, but also as a beauty oil, if you apply it to the areas where you are concerned about dryness or rough skin, you can experience moist and moist skin. In addition, you can expect a high moisturizing effect as a face care and hair care product. Coconut oil, which has solidified white, can be put in a frying pan as it is when cooking with heat, and when you want to use it as a liquid such as dressing, put a small amount in a container and heat it in the microwave or boil it in hot water to turn it into a transparent oil. ★Note Due to the nature of coconut oil, brown crystals may appear on the bottom of the bottle, but these are naturally derived. There is no problem with the quality, so please feel free to use it. Name: Edible coconut oil Ingredient name: Edible coconut oil Contents: 300g Country of origin: Sri Lanka Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity