100g coconut sugar

626 円(税込)

Coconut sugar is an additive-free, unrefined natural sugar made by extracting and drying coconut flower nectar.
Traditionally eaten in Southeast Asia. It has a fragrant and rich sweetness and can be used as a substitute for regular sugar.

Attention to low GI foods now! ?
What is GI value? ? Continuing to eat foods with a high GI value causes obesity and metabolic syndrome.
WHO says overweight, obesity..."low GI foods may reduce"
Low GI foods are recommended for proper management, diabetes management, cardiovascular disease and weight maintenance. Because it can reduce postprandial blood glucose and insulin and improve overall blood glucose and nutrient concentrations in both normal subjects and diabetic patients. The GI value food classification is as follows.
High GI value = 70 or more: Medium GI value = 56-69: Low GI value = 55 or less

<GI value>
White sugar: 109
Granulated sugar: 110
rock sugar: 109
Soft brown sugar: 108
Brown sugar: 99
Honey: 85
Maple syrup: 73
Beet sugar: 65
Coconut sugar: 35

per 100g coconut sugar
Energy 374Kcal
1.3g protein
Sugar 94.5g
Carbs 95g
Fat 0.12g
Sodium 45mg
6 mg of calcium
Potassium 1030mg
Magnesium 29mg
Iron 2.2mg
Phosphorus 79mg
Zinc 212 μg
3g of water
Manganese 1.3mg
Copper 2.3mg

It contains abundant minerals such as about 20 times more sodium and about 15 times more potassium than brown sugar.
It has a mellow sweetness like brown sugar, so it can be used in various dishes such as sweets and drinks.
There are Indonesian and Philippine products, but we use expensive Philippine products that have no peculiarities and a good aftertaste.
Changing the sugar makes it slimmer.