~Spice book for those who are concerned about salt content~

952 円(税込)
Set up a secretariat in Sri Lankan cuisine Alggamage, A cookbook for people concerned about salt, created by members of the Spice Research Society.
Full of stories about maintaining good health and easy-to-understand ways to use spices! Introducing 31 simple recipes using Ayur spices with color photos. Please refer to the cooking methods for each constitution. In addition, it includes an easy-to-understand explanation of "Kidney's Function" and support activities of the Nagano Prefecture Sri Lanka Friendship Association. It is finished in a book with rich content. A part of the sales of this book is introduced in "Spice book", A multi-purpose community center built in a low-income support village in Sri Lanka We will support the activity fund of "House of Friendship". ---------------------------------------- ・Book: 100 pages ・ Supervision / Editor: Katsuko Kumagai ・ Publisher: Spice Institute ・Secretariat: Sri Lankan Cuisine Alggamage DW Aruggami / Sachiko Aruggami ・ Publisher: Education Publishing Center ・ First edition 1st printing: January 20, 2012 ・Product dimensions: 17 x 20 x 1 cm ・ Writers: Ryuko Hayashi, Yuko Suzuki, Ritsuko Hayashi ・ Chieko Nakamura, Kimiko Sakehata (Spice Research Group) ・Art Director: Yoshio Matsumoto ・Cooking: Sri Lankan Cuisine Alggamage ・ List price: 952 yen + tax
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