Kittle syrup disposable size (10g x 9 bottles)

810 円(税込)
Kittle syrup is the nectar from the inflorescences of palm trees. Kitul palm inhabits tropical rainforests and is called Kitul Pany in Sri Lanka, and has been eaten as a traditional sweetener for a long time. Even now, as a valuable gift from nature, it is widely used in cooking, desserts such as yogurt and ice cream, and sweeteners such as tea. Kittle Syrup's natural flower nectar contains 74 mg (per 100 g) of B vitamins inositol, which is not found in other sweeteners, and is recommended for those who are concerned about blood sugar levels. Moreover, the calorie is 275 calories per 100g, which is very healthy. This honey melts both iced and hot, so it can be easily used in any dish. It is difficult to find 100% pure kittle syrup in Sri Lanka. This is because the syrup is sold as kittle syrup, which is sweetened with sugar or other sweeteners. At CKI (Ceylon Kitul Institute), in order to make 100% pure kittle syrup with a genuine taste, we work with trusted contracted farmers to manufacture and sell 100% pure kittle syrup using traditional methods. Please try to taste the real taste. It is carefully made from the ancient manufacturing method of boiling down with firewood. palm flower