Samahan (spicy tea, 7 pieces)

639 円(税込)
In Sri Lanka, it has been drunk as an Ayurvedic tea for a long time. Summerhan blended with the unique idea of ​​preventive medicine Ayurveda. It is a tea that is often drunk during this cold winter season. A very delicious non-caffeine tea blended with 14 kinds of herbs and spices. Sri Lankan households have a custom of blending the leaves of herbs in the garden and the spice seeds that are the ingredients of curry and drinking it. In particular, Samahan has been drunk in Sri Lanka for over 100 years. A gentle spice tea that warms the body from within. ★★★ Samahan ♪ How to drink delicious ★★★ Put a bag of Samahan in a cup, pour boiling water over it, mix well, and dissolve it well before drinking. Quantity of hot water: about 180cc for adults, about 250cc for children *This is a guideline, so please adjust as you like. ★It is also delicious when dissolved in freshly brewed black tea or warm milk. ★★★ Spices used ★★★ Coriander, Ginger, Black Pepper, Long Pepper, Cumin Seed, Ajowan, Ricoh Rice, Java Galangal, Freys Karumba, Yellow Berries Nightshade, Siritek, Paspadum, Vaishnukranti Sweetness is natural sucrose (sugar cane) Contents: 4g x 7 bags Storage method: Store away from hot and humid places Country of Origin: Sri Lanka