spice roast chicken

950 円(税込)

Marinated overnight in 13 kinds of spices and wine and then slowly baked. (1 piece of thigh meat with bone)

In 1989, we opened a Sri Lankan restaurant at Shoku no Daidokoro Osaka, and since then we have continued to follow the same recipes that have remained unchanged to this day.
Our most popular roast chicken. Please try it once.

Ingredients: chicken, onion, carrot, pineapple juice, spices, ginger, ginger, soy sauce, vinegar, salt, seasonings (amino acids, etc.) (contains some chicken)
How to eat Transfer to the refrigerator the day before serving, defrost, boil in hot water for 5-7 minutes, transfer to a bowl and enjoy.
Contents 230g
Shelf life: 3 months from date of arrival at -18°C or below
Preservation method Store in a freezer and consume on the same day after thawing. (No preservatives are used)

As shown in the photo, it will be carefully packed in a styrofoam box and delivered.
Please use it as a gift.