Tapioca (Sago) 50g

540 円(税込)
Sago tapioca with small grains and a chewy texture that is easy to eat Sago (mini-mini tapioca) is made by cutting the trunk of the sago palm, extracting the starch, and rolling it into small balls. It is also called sago pearl because it is round like a pearl. It is eaten as a traditional dessert in Sri Lanka, mixed with milk tea and coconut milk. The texture is similar to tapioca extracted from cassava, which is generally known, but the grains are small, so you can cook it in a short time and enjoy it easily. <How to serve> Add sago mini mini tapioca to boiling water in a pot and boil until translucent. (Guideline is 5 to 7 minutes on medium heat) Once boiled, put it in a colander and enjoy it in your favorite drink. It's ok to put it in coconut milk and boil it as it is! If you add fruit and plenty of sago mini mini tapioca to milk, it's a perfect breakfast for busy mornings!