yellow rice mix


380 円(税込)

内容量:30 g

Yellow rice makes curry and rice even more delicious! Name: Yellow rice mix Ingredients: spices, salt, amino acids, etc., dried soup (consommé) (contains wheat, milk, soybeans, and chicken) Contents: 30g

The rice you eat with curry is even more delicious! yellow rice mix

How to cook yellow rice <For 5 go>

1.Wash the rice and add water at the same amount as when cooking rice

2. Measure 1 tablespoon of yellow rice

put in 1

3. Mix well

4. Start cooking rice! And voila!

<Reference> 2g per 1 go of rice
*Please adjust the amount of yellow rice base according to the amount of rice to be cooked.

Enjoy curry even more delicious with yellow rice!

You can enjoy various arrangements! yellow rice mix

Introducing the yellow rice arrangement recipe

rice croquette

1. Put the melted cheese in the cooled yellow rice and roll it into a ball shape.

2. Fry in glazed oil in the order of ``flour → egg liquid → bread crumbs'' as in 1 like normal croquettes

Voila! Your choice of sauce, meat sauce, etc.!

rice burger

1. Shape the cooked yellow rice into oval shapes and lightly fry the surface in a frying pan with oil.

2. Just put your favorite ingredients such as seasoned meat and lettuce in 1!